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You know that publishing research articles and winning grant money is the one thing that advances your career the most. But do you know how to write up your results and proposals in the best and most productive way?

I'm your scientific writing coach and editor who helps you to publish great papers and to get those prestigious awards. 



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As an academic you are likely overwhelmed with your research, funding applications, teaching, committees, and oh, admin. On top of that you need to publish in high-impact journals to advance your career. That can seem pretty daunting. Writing might not just come natural to you, you might not be a native English speaker, and to be honest - has anyone ever taught you how to write? There's no shame in not being an expert writer.
I'm here to help you. 



HI! I'm Anna.

I edit papers for scientists to make sure they communicate a clear and succinct message. My edits delve deep into the structure of a paper and I use a story-telling approach. I also teach and consult scientists how to write better papers and articles for a lay audience. 

I have a PhD in Chemistry and I regularly publish articles in popular science magazines. 

Anna provided high-end editorial support on research papers. She has good attention for detail, is thorough and able to quickly grasp and synthesise complex concepts.
— Dan Csontos, Elevate Scientific, LinkedIn recommendation

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Not quite sure how to write that killer paper? You don't have time to give your manuscript the last polish it needs? Your story doesn't quite come together? Let me make an edit of your paper that delves deep into the structure and language.

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