What better day is there to start a blog than the last day of February?! It is arctic outside but with a full week of continuous sunshine, spring doesn't seem far anymore. In other words: Just the right time to start something new. But why should you care about this blog

Well, if you are a scientist - that is, a PostDoc, professor, PhD student, corporate researcher, masters student or somebody else whose job it is to communicate your own scientific findings - this is the right place for you. To tell other people about your research is probably taking up a good chunk of your time - be it with writing a journal article or thesis, giving talks, preparing conference abstracts or trying to explain to your neighbour what it actually is you do. You also might find that communicating science is hard.

The truth is, it IS hard but - as most things- it gets easier with practice. That said, you can save a lot of your time by knowing a few shortcuts. And that is what this blog is going to be about.

If you stay with me for the next few months, you'll learn why watching "Stranger things" is not a waste of time, you'll find out why English language skills shouldn't be your main worry, you'll hear from a Nature editor about what they really want to read in a cover letter and much more. 

Just in the manner of a TV show, this blog will come in seasons. The first round will be all about how to "Publish a killer paper". I will release a new episode twice a month, every second Wednesday for ten blog posts in total. So, if you return to this space on the evening of Wednesday, the 14th of March, you will discover why story-telling is key in academic writing. If that's too much to plan ahead, just subscribe to my newsletter and get the fresh blog post straight into your mail box.