As an academic you've got a lot on your plate, I know. 

On top of supervising, teaching, admin and all those meetings, you need to write. Be it high-impact articles or grant applications. In fact, these are the two things that advance your career the most. And your reputation. 


The secret is:

It's not only about having great research ideas and results. It matters how you communicate them!  

You are great at your research but writing just doesn't come natural to you? You have never received professional writing training? You aren't a native English speaker? 

I can help. 

»Anna’s thorough edits including partial rewrites and restructuring of sentences and paragraphs greatly improved our review paper. We are delighted that it got accepted in a journal with substantial impact factor. I highly recommend Anna’s editing services even to experienced scientific authors.«
— Prof. Petr Nachtigall, Department of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic


Scientific writing workshop

Have me visit your research group, graduate school or conference. In my workshops, you can: 

  • Learn how to write articles for high-impact-journals

  • Learn how to write for a general audience

  • Get your hands on various templates, checklists and guides

  • Practice on your own material

  • Pick my brain – Language, structure, story, suitable journals, cover or appeal letters, reviewer responses, ask me any questions you might have

Contact me so we can design a workshop for your needs.

»Really useful workshop!«
— Becky Upton, PhD student, University of Liverpool, UK
»I really liked the way, Anna approached the topic. She makes it look easy and fun to prepare abstracts.«
— Post Doc, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
»I enjoyed the workshop.«
— Jessica Smith, PhD student, University of Liverpool, UK

Your investment? From 2500€ (+ travel) within Europe, 4000€ (+travel) outside Europe

1) Tell me about your ideas, location and time frame by clicking the button below
2) Schedule a workshop with me
3) Have me deliver a workshop that exceeds your expectations

Before or while you are writing

strategy Session

Spend 90 minutes on a video call with me and

  • Get hands-on advice on how to improve your paper for publication in a top-tier journal

  • Learn how to use storytelling to write clear and concise papers and proposals

  • Outline the story of your paper or proposal

  • Pick my brain – Ask me any scientific writing questions you might have

  • Create a step-by-step plan to finish that paper in your drawer

  • Get solutions to all your writing pain points

»With her strategy session, Anna helped me in a clear and straightforward way to prepare manuscript drafts in a much more organized way. Through asking key questions, she has helped me to not only improve existing manuscripts, but also start writing papers in a much more planned manner in the future.«
— Scientist, Institute of Chemistry, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Your investment? 197€ for 90 minutes

1) Schedule a time by clicking the button below
2) Tell me about your struggles and expectations in a brief questionnaire
3) Meet me on the phone or video and get a recording of the session

More than just proof-reading

structural edit

Get a thorough edit of your paper or grant proposal. You will get way more detailed advice and corrections than from a typical copy-editor! I will:

  • Correct the language

  • Adjust the structure to introduce a concise narrative using my Story Framework

  • Make sure that sentences, paragraphs and sections are succinct

  • Rewrite parts when necessary

  • Enhance clarity and flow

  • Recommend additions if applicable

  • Comment on logical flaws

I use track-changes and the comment function in Word. After this edit, you can be sure that your readers (including the editor and reviewers) will quickly understand your findings and their significance. 

»Anna not only fixed grammatical errors in our manuscript, but also significantly improved its structure.
She made our paper accessible to a broader audience by identifying parts not clear to someone outside our field.«
— Dr Martin Klíma and Prof Evžen Bouřa, The Bouřa Lab, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

Your investment? 197€ per 1000 words

1) Tell me about your writing project and time frames by clicking the button below
2) Send me your manuscript
3) Get your edited paper by the agreed time

»Anna’s editing service helps you to improve the quality of your writing. It is like the first round of review, where you get clear feedback on your manuscript. I am not a native speaker, and therefore, it is difficult to always use clear explanations and the correct turns of phrase. We are trying to do excellent research and improper language use might degrade our work. Anna’s edits led to high improvement of the language used in our articles and enhanced the entire impression of our work. I particularly liked that Anna pointed out when something in our papers was unclear or misleading. Another benefit of Anna’s service was that once I was submitting the articles, I was confident they were correct language-wise.«
— Dr Hana Macíckova Cahová, Junior Research Group Leader, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic

structural review

Get a thorough review and assessment report of your paper or grant proposal. I will:

  • Comment on language, structure, story, clarity and flow

  • Suggest improvements

  • Point out the strengths and weaknesses

  • Flag any logical gaps

  • Recommend additions if applicable

I use the comment function in Word and create a report. After this review, you will know how to get your paper or proposal in shape. Note that I won't make edits, changes or rewrites.

Your investment? 147€ per 1000 words

1) Tell me about your writing project and time frames by clicking the button below
2) Send me your manuscript
3) Get your reviewed paper and assessment report by the agreed time

Meet Your Trainer, Coach & Editor 

Hi! I'm Anna.

I'm here so you can stop worrying about getting high-impact papers published and winning prestigious awards.

I know both worlds: writing AND science. I am a professional writer published in "Scientific American" and other popular science magazines. Before turning to writing I worked as a scientist and got a PhD in Chemistry.

In the last few years I have helped scientists to get published in the journals “Nature Electronics”, “ACS Nano”, “Physical Review Letters”, “Chemical Society Reviews”, “Chemical Science”, “PLOS Pathogens”, “Scientific Reports” and others.


Looking forward to meeting you! 


When you decide to work with me... can lean back and relax because I will:

  • Handle your work and identity confidentially

  • Deliver high-end editorial and coaching support and training

  • Meet the agreed time frames and deadlines

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